Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Congratulations, Sheri & Mike!

Joey & I officially gained a brother-in-law this weekend! More pictures to come later, but below is the only decent picture I managed to snap of the happy couple (and their dog Bella - who had her own pearls and actually wore a veil too, but as you can see it was a bit windy so the veil wasn't staying put as well as necessary for pictures).
Congratulations, Sheri and Mike!

...and of course a picture of the best "Matron of Honor Man" ever! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The best kind of tired

Joey & I are feeling the best kind of tired today - the kind of tired you get after being extremely productive, which we were all weekend.

Friday we relaxed and enjoyed dinner with friends at Tony's (Happy Birthday to Ryan, Sara, and Russ who are also celebrating March birthdays along with Joey!), but we wrapped up right around 10 and were home and asleep before midnight.

Saturday, we did some major cleaning/purging with Joey taking a very large dropoff of miscellaneous items to Goodwill after we consolidated quite a few Rubbermaids/boxes down and did some slight reorganizing around the house (mostly stemming from us needing to move all our stuff out of the future baby's room since he or she will need all that room for their stuff)! I also managed to finally get 1 of our Ipods fixed by the "Genius Bar" at the Apple store. (Unfortunately the battery of one I bought Joey as a wedding gift has given out and right now we've opted not to replace the whole Ipod since we have the Nano Joey was given by his work after they hit a specific goal a year or so ago and the video one I was given by a station 2 or 2 years ago.

We were exhausted, but Christina was able to pick up the dresser she ordered for us from JCP late Saturday so she dropped it off (she knew just how much I've been dying to get it and put it together!) and while I'd have loved to put it together right away, 11pm is a little late to start that kind of project...but don't think I didn't wake up wanting to get right to it today! We did a few more little things first and I started on sorting everything out while Joey watched a movie and did a few other little projects before we really got it going. We work really well as a team though with a great assembly line and I think this is the first time we've put something together and not had to take anything apart after using a wrong screw or having a piece facing the wrong direction so that's a bonus...So at long last, Baby Shoup has a place for his/her stuff (aside from all the great built-in's)! Tah-dah! Here it is:

It already has a few things in the drawers, but I have a feeling it will be full before we know it! We do actually plan to switch out the knobs it came with and put something with a little more character, but we haven't found anything we love just yet so stay tuned for that.

More updates to come this week I'm sure as my 30 week dr appointment is tomorrow and then later this week, we're off to Miami for Sheri and Mike's wedding, but for now, it's time to call it a night and a weekend!

Monday, March 16, 2009

3rd trimester=Sleepy Suzy

I'm a bit behind on updating as the 3rd trimester has been an exhausting one so far, but I wanted to post a few things on here real quick and hope to catch up more later this week or next weekend...

Joey & I had a great trip to Kansas last weekend and I really enjoyed the shower my Aunts Joyce & Dee threw for me. Baby Shoup is already so loved although there was definitely some heated debate about whether "it" is a he or she. I guess only time (and about 11 more weeks) will tell! I'll post more pictures later, but here are just 2: 1 of the hostesses with the mostest...

...and another of Me, "Buzz", Shandi, Deedra, and with Grandma Lou - apparently the wrinkling of the nose MUST be from the Liby side since Shandi and I are both doing it here!

Next is a picture of the recliner we purchased for the nursery. It looks great draped in the star-shaped afghan that Sue Affolter (one of my mom's cousins) made so I'm not sure if Baby Shoup or I will spend more time wrapped in the blanket! :) You can also see the completed pillow that goes with the bedding mom is working quickly to finish! Plus Joey's baby pillow is in the chair as well.

Now we're just awaiting the arrival of the dresser to start getting a little more organized, but we picked up the mattress for the crib this weekend too so progress is being made and I'm sleeping better at night not worrying about baby not having a place to sleep (we have a mattress cover and I "bought" (with a gift card!) some plain white crib sheets so we have the basics! I think I've also had a revelation about the wall art thanks to ever-so-crafty, Lisa, but I'll wait until the pieces are finished to post! :)

This last picture is a bit old, but it's me at 26 weeks (3 weeks ago now!) Yes, it's the point (especially in certain items of clothing) that you can tell I'm pregnant and not just fat. :) I probably won't get pictures from this week (I have this thing about odd numbers) but next week is 30 weeks and our trip to Miami for Sheri's wedding so hopefully I'll be looking fabulous and will have some pictures to post of more belly.

I'll need to update more on the progress (or lack thereof) on our converted garage. What we had hoped to do isn't going to happen due to this weekend's discovery, but we're working towards a quick solution so that I'll not just consider the room a "junk room" anymore, but hopefully it will resemble more of a dining room (although maybe not with a table quite yet) soon!

More to come later!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Slow, but steady progress

I finally feel like we're making progress on getting the house ready for Baby Shoup. It might have taken a little extra nagging and some hormonal tears, but on Saturday Joey & I went on a hunt for a leather rocker/recliner and a dresser for the nursery. We found the recliner very quickly at The Dump and arranged to pick it up yesterday with Christina's help (and her truck "Big Red Fred") so it's now sitting in the nursery next to the pile of boxes that we still need to go through and find a new home for. We didn't have as much luck on our hunt for the dresser, but again, thanks to Christina and her employer, we found one that is just the size we were hoping for. She's going to help us order that this week and then we'll just have to wait for it to be delivered and I'm sure it will be filled up in no time as Baby Shoup will be "showered" for the first time this Saturday in Kansas where I'll get to see a lot of family and friends who it's been too long since I've seen.

In other news, shortly after finding out that Russ and Dawn's little girl Finley had arrived last Sunday, we also found out that there's another little one on the way for our group of friends. Stan and Kim will bless us all with Baby Tigrett sometime in September! It's Baby-pa-looza around here, but we couldn't be happier that Baby Shoup will have so many playmates close to his/her age. Trent & Amanda even brought Riley over on Saturday night and he's such a happy baby. He seems to love the attention (and of course be a big flirt with all the girls) although hopefully he slept very well after all the entertaining he did. We only hope Baby Shoup and all his/her friends-to-be are happy and healthy babies too. He/She certainly is active in there - not overly so that it wakes me at night, but usually once I'm awake in the morning he/she is as well. Granted, he/she gets in a few naps during the day (yes, I'm jealous!) :) but plenty of times during the day I get to enjoy the kicking/punching going on inside and even on the outside from time to time as well.